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MQTT subscribe LENSMqtt

Hello I’m just trying to run my first dashboard.
I put 2 gages (temperatura1 and humedad1) and 2 switches (mosfet1 y mosfet2).
I do the connetion with LENSmqtt, connection seems to be ok.
When I publish but no change is seen on the dashboard.

hostname: industrial.api.ubidots.com


“temperatura1”: 27,
“humedad1”: 55,
“mosfet1”: 1,
“mosfet2”: 1

where could be the mistake?


Hello, @juanma84

Thanks for reaching out,

There seems to be a problem with MQTT Lens, in particular, we have tested the Chrome extension and it does not connect to the Ubidots broker, without connection it is impossible to push or subscribe to any topic.

We have tried another MQTT client, MQTT box and it works without a problem. I suggest you make your tests with that one instead.