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MQTT TCP subscribe topic issue

Hi everyone,

i am testing my MQTT broker with client using Test applications - like MQTTBox, MQTT Lens.
issue is am able to publish data to MQTT Broker. But while i was trying to subscribe i was not able to getting data from MQTT broker Dashboard. i dont know what was the issue.

Help Me!!

Good day @sukesh,

I hope this note finds you well,

Please change the URL things.ubidots.com to industrial.api.ubidots.com and try again. After that modification, you should be able to subscribe and publish to your account variables.

All the best,

Tnq so much @isalogi for your replay.

so URL things.ubidots.com does not support subcribe?


Hi @sukesh,

The URL things.ubidots.com is only for Ubidots for Educational users. Ubidots STEM and our industrial users should always be using industrial.api.ubidots.com for both publish and subscribe.

All the best,

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