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Good Day

I am looking to start managing and looking after multiple companies dashboards and Ubidots accounts for them. Would I have to register a APP or account for each company or is there a way to manage them all from one platform?

Hope this makes sense.

Hello @mikefesto,

No, you wouldn’t have to create an account or App to manage each one of them. You can have an Admin account for you (only one license) and from there create an App (say your company’s name, coloring scheme, logo, etc). After that, you may create different Organizations for each company that you will be managing. Then, you can create End-Users, which are the equivalent of an account for the companies to log in and view their data. These End-Users will only be associated to the Organization (Company) they belong to, so they can only view the data from their Organization.

Depending on the requirements of the companies that you will manage, another option that you could benefit from is having the Admin account, but with multiple Apps (one for each company to manage) and then have the same Organizations and End-Users structure explained above. This would allow you to add Custom Branding to each company.

Here’s an article which gives a better glimpse of what Apps, Organizations, and End-Users are.

It’s important to note that these functionalities are available from our Professional license and above. For more information on our Plans, please view our Pricing Website

Does this make sense?

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Hi Sebastian

Thank you very much for the information.

One quick one, is there a way to create like cards on a dashboard.

For instance a card to display the important information of a machine, show multiple machines on a dashboard then when you click the machine it will go to a full dashboard of just that machine?

Hello Michael,

I hope this note finds you well.

What you ask is quite specific, so in this case, you’d have to create an HTML Canvas widget, where you can basically create the Widget however you want it to behave. That is, you could create the Widget so that it displays the Machine’s information (I suppose one Ubidots’ Device per Machine) and have it link to the dedicated Dashboard for that machine.

For more information on creating HTML Canvas Widgets, please view the following articles from our Help Center.

HTML Canvas Widget Introductory Demo
HTML Canvas: Interacting with account data

On the other hand, I wanted to let you know that we have the Device Table Widget, which shows a table of data for each Device selected, and when you click the Device’s name it will take you to the Device. We have in our roadmap adding to this Widget the ability to choose different actions upon clicking the Device’s name, for example, taking you to a specific dashboard (as you request), however, I don’t have a date for this to be ready or to be implemented, sorry about that.

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