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My Dashboards Disappeared

The subect says it all. I use Ubidots with two devices and had two separate dashboards for months now. Logged in today to check something and both of my dashboards are gone - the devices remain, but the dashboards no.

Hello tjcasser,

Thank you for reaching out to Ubidots.

Could you kindly double-check once more? I was conducting some tests, and I can correctly view your dashboards, White and Black Spindel. Please attempt to log out, refresh the page without cached data (Ctrl + F5), and then log in again.


I had tried multiple times last night to log out and log back in. Figured (and hoped) it was just a momentary glitch or the like.

It does looks like it’s back this morning. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Perfect @tjcasser.

I’ll be attentive for your case.