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[NEW FEATURE] Discover the all new built-in events in the HTML canvas widget

We’re pleased to announce that our powerful widget, the HTML Canvas, has improved!
We added new methods to be used by developers inside the widget and improved some of them to expand their use, so now, you can not only retrieve an account’s token, a dynamic dashboard selected device or a dashboard’s time range but also retrieve a whole object of a device in a dynamic dashboard, a dashboard and even have access to different setters events.

Key features:

Listening events:

  • isRealTimeActive : This event is triggered every time the real time button in the Dashboard is clicked.
  • dashboardRefreshed : This event is activated when a user clicks the refresh button in the dashboard.
  • selectedDeviceObject : Returns the whole object of a Device as received when loading the dashboard.
  • selectedDashboardObject : Return the whole object of a Dashboard as received when loading the dashboard.

Setter events:

  • setDashboardDevice : Ability to set the selected device in a Dynamic Dashboard.
  • setDashboardDateRange : Ability to set the date and time range in a dashboard, dynamic or static.
  • setRealTime : Ability to turn on or off the dashboard real time update.
  • refreshDashboard : Ability to refresh the dashboard data in all widgets.

For the complete detailed explanation and examples of these events, we encourage you to visit the below Help Center article

We look forward to hear how you use the new HTML Canvas methods, what custom widgets you develop and overall your feedback!

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