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No data getting into my plot the last 4 days

I have been using a particle photon remotely to measure the battery bank on a small solar setup. Four days ago the graph stopped receiving the data. But if I click on the “Device” I see the most recent value changing (uploaded every minute) but the plot appears not to be seeing it. The data is seen on the particle.io site. The plot is set to show two days so it is empty. But I reset the plot days to 30 there is a lot of data stopping 4 days ago. I changed nothing. It’s been running for years. What’s happening. Did Ubidots change something about June 9, 2020?

I’m the same. Photon logging temperatures every minute to the free, Ubidots for education, site. Last reading in historical data list is 16:01 BST. New readings appear onto the webpage every minute while I view it, but don’t seem to be stored to the database as they are not there after I refresh

Hello @NickP and @pcc,

You might not be aware but Ubidots launched a new free platform called Ubidots STEM a couple of months ago. This new free tier is intended to replace the former Ubidots for Education while offering a closer experience to the core licensed platform.
This means that, while no change has taken place in Ubidots for Education to explain the behavior you’re describing, support is no longer being prioritized, and users are being advised to move to Ubidots STEM and reconnect the devices to the new account at STEM, which is periodically maintain and supported.

You should do the same to keep using Ubidots as you’ve done this time. At the firmware level, changes are minimal, you need only to update the token to one of the STEM account (mandatory), and change the host used to send data from things.ubidots.com to industrial.api.ubidots.com (optional but recommended)

Here’s an article addressing the difference between STEM and Ubidots core platform.


@dsr, thank you for the reply, I was not aware of the STEM platform. But I have looked at my Education dashboard this morning and my graph is populated and results are being logged as normal. I have seen temporary glitches before where data wouldn’t be logged for a few hours or one day, but never six days. My 5 day graph now shows from about 02:00 on 14th July but I think I checked yesterday and the graph was empty so this looks like it may have been a display or database query issue and the data was being logged but couldn’t be seen
Ubidots is great and I have been logging inside and outside temperatures from my greenhouse with a Photon, DS18b20 sensors and Ubidots for many years now. Thank you for making this service available for free.
I hope that it has returned to normal for @pcc too, and thank them for raising this issue.

Yes mine mysteriously started working again after 5-6 days. Don’t think I fixed it: