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No data to show from 22:00 previous day

I measure inside and outside temperature and heating boiler temperatures to monitor heating, captured every 2 minutes. I regularly delete the data as I only need to view the last couple of days. As of this morning, there was no data from 22:00 the previous day. I deleted all data to ensure there was not too much to view but now there is nothing to display. I am sure both my ESP8266 devices are tranmitting the data but all lI get now is a blank graph and a message saying there is no data to display. Any ideas?

Did you exceed your dots quota? Maybe reduce the frequency

Hi, thanks for commenting. As I mentioned, I regularly delete the data so I dont have too many points and I have learned from experience that refreshing the graph causes too many points being downloaded and when this happens you get a warning displayed. I didn’t get any warnings other than one saying there is no data to be displayed. That was 3 days ago, it didny display anything yesterday but seems to work today! No idea why but it is displaying as expected.

I have the same issue - my data (temperatures) has stopped Dec 18th 23.50 Central European Time. I have been running it for years, no changes on my side. Similar happened cca three months ago, there was also an outgage lasting a few days, then it went back. So - what now, pls?

PatrikHudec - your stopping of data aligns pretty much to the same day and time for me, sometime in 18 Dec (I’m in the UK). However, as I had mentioned earlier it is now workinig again as it should with no issues. So is your’s working again? There has not been any comment from Ubidots team as to what happened…

Hello @ranny ,

As indicated on our status page, we have experienced an error in one of our servers, specifically, the one containing our load balancer for data traffic and the CDN from which static files are served. Therefore, we suffered a gap in data between Dec/18 at 23:00 to Dec /18 at 23:30 UTC. This issue has been completely solved and now you shouldn’t experience this behavior.

Best Regards,

– Leonardo

Leonardo - thanks for the info. I didn’t see the status page and my temperature measurements did restore, but it was a couple of days before it got in order. Anyway, all is well now thanks.