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No more particle function?


I have been using particle function in the event. The recent update remove this particle function option.

Is there any tutorial how I can connect particle device with current ubidot version?


Hello dear user,

I hope this message finds you well.

The use of the Particle function in event configuration is currently unsupported on our platform. Please refer to the below article which provides a notification about the deprecated action.

Events: Particle functions action | Ubidots Help Center


Hello again dear user,

The article has been updated according our last changes. Please take a look.


Hello, I followed the example and doesn’t work.
Can you please help with this?


Hello @dongyoun,

Please tell me which step of the article is not working for you.


Hum… I followed all steps. My setup/setting is exactly same as waht the website is showing. But it won’t work.

When I press button on dashboard, LED on boron does not turn on.


Did you configure correctly all the steps for your Particle function? Please share to me the name of the event and dashboard you have in Ubidots and I will check it.


Please use account name (nurul_hansan) and the event name is “ONOFF”.

Thanks for your willingness to help.

Any updates?

Hello @dongyoun

I need to share with you some images and data that is private, so, it could be better if you write on our contact support channel.


I’ll be attentive to take your conversation.