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Organization Individual logins

Hello Ubidots!

I have an organization of 4 people, and I would like each engineer to have their own login to the data as an admininstrative user. Currently we have been using the same login for everyone, but that does not scale for security.

The main problem is we have mulitiple customers, and its tedious to add each new user to each organization. also >95% of our devices do not have an organization added.
The current user feature feels aimed at the end customer. What I’m looking for is to quickly add other “team” members with controls for access.

Something like this? (below), how can I do this in Ubidots?


Hi @adam_X,

I hope all is well.

One possible option that allows users to have the their own login is Admin Users, this will give them access to all organization and devices.

Now, at the moment is not possible to establish permission to admin users, but I will add this as a feature request for future developments.

I will be attentive to your comments.