Outline overlays on map widget


Hello community,

Is there anyone here that have managed to insert overlays onto the map widget? I have zero experience with html, java or css so I have no idea where to begin.

What I need is to overlay outlines of shapes onto my map widget, this is where my irrigation equipment is moving. Some move inside polygonal areas, others are center pivots that need a circular outline along the outer edge of the pivot.

With this it would be very cool if I could have small pieces of data displayed as small text next to the gps location of my iot device, like the current pressure at the sprinkler, or ambient temperature.

If there is someone out there with experience on this, and who is willing to share some knowledge, I would be very thankful.



Come to think of it, this problem would be solved by having an option to keep geofences visible!


Hey Hein,

Please check the topic:

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Maria C.