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Particle Photon project - is Ubidots right for me?

WIth the help of the particle community I was able to get my project built, a doser for my coral reef aquarium.

So the first question is… I’m considering using ubidots to keep a log of the date and time when each of the four pumps turns on and off. I don’t need graphs or anything, I just a need a data log (essentially equivalent to a spreadsheet) that includes the date, time and pump number of when each pump turns on and off.

Second, I’m not really that talented when it comes to coding, can I get help from this community with getting it to work?

appreciate the feedback!

Hi @james211!

  • Your project sounds like a good fit for Ubidots. Right now it’s possible to have a table for each individual variable (pump) although not for all the pumps at the same time.

  • Sure thing, you can start by following our Particle Tutorial and feel free to raise your hand if you need any help.

Well, lets give it a shot.
So I took a look at the tutorial, followed it through, but I’m getting this error. I have verified I’m using the default token and not the API key.

“detail”: “Authentication credentials were not provided.”

@james211 Could you paste your code here?