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Problem with display in ubidots


I want to visualize in ubidots an analog signal in real time but nothing is seen since I followed the steps of downloading the ubidots libraries and esp8266

thank you

Hi there, please make available debug traces at your serial port and post here the server’s answer for further debug.

All the best

I have the same problem with my ESP32 board. If I delete the variable in Ubidots cloud, the ESP32 board create a new one but only one value is updated and showed in the table. If I keep my ESP32 board trying to publishing for a long time, some times it is able to publishing for a few hours and then it stop wihtout chage it’s code.

Hi there, are you a stem user? If yes, please keep in mind that you are limited to 1 req per second or 4000 request per day. If you are not a stem user, please share with us your serial port console logs to give you further assistance.

All the best

Hi, I am using a free account, I do not know if it is the same as a Stem.