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Problem with Installation LHT52 in UBIDOTs

Hello, I have a small weather station with LHT65 and Ikea hack air quality sensor. Now I wanted to integrate another LHT52 and also display it in UBIDOTs. The decoded payload shows correct values. Only in Ubidots the widgets remain empty with the LHT52. But if I use the values ​​of the LHT65 for testing there, it works.
What am I doing wrong? Where could the mistake lie?

thanks for your help

Greetings, hope you are having a nice day, thanks for reaching our Community.

Is the data for LHT52 being displayed correctly at the “Devices” section? Something like this:

If that is the case, are you using a dynamic dashboard? If so, please take a look at which setup you used (all devices, device group, device type) It occurs to me that, may be, you are using a dynamic dashboard with the device type setup, and the LHT52 data is not being displayed into the widget due to it not being the same device type as the LHT65.

Good luck and reach back to us if this does not solve your issue.

Thank you for your response.
Yes, the LHT52 data and the other are displayed correctly as shown in your post.

Where can I check if it is a “dynamic dashboard”? Since I don’t know what a “dynamic dashboard” is, I assume that I don’t use it either.

I use the free version of UBIDOTS. Could it be because of the “FREE Version”?
How many devices and how many variables are allowed in this free version?
I have 3 devices in use with various variables.
I use 3 devices:
LHT65 10 Variables
LHT52 10

I selected the required widgets for all three sensors in UBIDOTs by clicking on “UBIDOTS” (dashboard appears) and then on “+” and then made the settings (variable, metric or chart, …).

Greetings. Hope you are doing great.

You can check what kind of dashboard you are using by going to your dashboard’s tray and click on the gear icon of the dashboard that you want to check:

Then the following screen will pop up where you can check the dashboard type:

As can be seen from the picture above, the dashboard here is set to static. Please check your configuration and set it according to your needs.

Briefly explanation:
By using static dashboard, for a widget to display data, you have to select the variable from a specific device. I.e. suppose that you have three different temperature sensors labeled as “sensor1”, “sensor2” and “sensor3” and each one has a variable labeled “temperature”. If you wanted to display “sensor2” data using the thermometer widget, you’d have to select the “temperature” variable from “sensor2” device.

You can learn more about dynamic dashboards and the difference with static dashboards on the following link:

Feel free to reach us anytime.
-Juan David-

thanks for the awesome information.