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Problem with Map Widget / Realtime with Public Link

Problem 1:
When I use Map Widget I can see my current device moving in real time however when I share the link publicly realtime doesn’t work, I have to hit refresh button on my browser to see it moving.

Problem 2:
When I hover over the Marker/Pin I can only see values/current address on my Dashboard when I’m logged in, if I try to see it using Public Link I get: "“Oops! something went wrong on our side.”

Problem 3:
Snappy Maps templates for Add custom map style are not working. I used the Javascript Style Array which is included with every template but it doesn’t work. None of them work.

Is it because I’m using STEM account?

Good day @codev3rt ,

I hope all is well. Please allow me to address each problem in the same order to keep the structure:

  1. Thank you for letting us know about this, I’ve already reported to the Dev team. As soon as this issue is solved I will let you know.
  2. Unfortunately, the actions on hover and on click don’t work in Public links, nonetheless, it shouldn’t appear the message “Oops! something went wrong on our side.” Simply nothing is displayed when executing one of these actions. Can you please advise the name of the Dashboard and map so I can review why are you getting this message?
  3. Indeed Snazzy maps only work in our paid plans as in Ubidots STEM the map provider is different.

I will be attentive if you have additional comments.

All the best,

Hi, thank you for reply, please also look into “Layer Style”, Light or Dark doesn’t seem to change anything. They both stay Light as you can see on the screenshot.

Link: https://industrial.ubidots.com/app/dashboards/public/widget/x9hiZNKR5zZ4q5fU8K7EuXg-ca8


Hi @codev3rt,

Thank you for your response,

I was able to obtain the error message “Oops! something went wrong on our side.” when clicking on the location pin. I will report this behavior to the Dev team to remove the message as this action is not supported in public links. Also, the Dark option is only available in our paid plans. Please apologies for the misunderstanding, we will clarify on the front end side that these options are not available in Ubidots STEM.

All the best,