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Problems to create a STEM account

I’m using Ubidots for my class but the student cannot create STEM account
When they do it and try to create a device, they are asked to apply for a paid account.
Was there any change in the STEM account policy?

Hi @SRM2022,

We have identified an issue that is affecting the creation of devices in new STEM accounts. We have already reported it to the development team, and they are working to resolve it.
Please receive our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

I will notify you once it’s fixed.


Many thanks!

Hi Ubidots Admin,

I am also using STEM accounts for my classes this week to introduce them to IoT and Ubidot dashboards… I also have issue creating of devices in new STEM accounts. Would appreciate if you could notify me when it is fixed… Thank you very much.

Hi Paulina, any news about this?

Hello @SRM2022, Alejandro here.

The problem with STEM accounts has been resolved. Could you please verify? Currently you must be able to create devices.


Dear Alejandro, yes, it works! thanks a lot!


Perfect! Great news.