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[resolved] NCD Gateway not updating, missing variables

I love Ubidots!

I have two NCD MQTT Micro Gateways that I have successfully connected to Ubidots. However, I have some questions.

  1. The first gateway I connected sent an initial few updates and published lots of variables. But it has not sent any updates in 11 days. Is that normal for gateways?
  2. The second gateway I connected is not showing any variables at all. Why is this gateway not showing any variables, but my other first gateway is showing variables?

Thank you for helping me troubleshoot this.

I am also checking with NCD here: MicroGateway variables and updates not sending to Ubidots - Products - NCD.io Community

Hmmm - any suggestions here? I have added two additional NCD MQTT gateways and they are just like the first one and display variables. It is just this second gateway I added that is not showing any variables!

Hi @omep-developer,

Thank you for using Ubidots, we are glad to hear you love it. To better answer your questions and guide you, can you please send us an image of the gateway configuration, (making sure of hidden your account token or any delicate information) and also activate the DHCP option in the advance settings.

I’ll be attentive to your response.


Thank you @isalogi . My apologies for the delay. Here are screenshots of the configuration. DHCP is enabled.

Thank you for your response @omep-developer,

Can you please make the following changes to the gateway configurations.

  1. Enter your Ubidots TOKEN in the user name field.
  2. Leave the IP field in the MQTT micro gateway configuration blank.
  3. In case you aren’t using an End Product line, the End Node Publish/Subscribe Topic fields can be left blank.

Please let me know if after these changes your device starts transmitting data.

All the best,

Hi @isalogi ,
I do have a token for the username. I am hiding it in the screenshot.

I have powered off the gateway for three days and powered it back on today - the missing variables now appear in the dashboard. Thank you!

Hi @omep-developer,

Thank you for your confirmation, I’m glad to hear the variables are receiving data again. Please let us know in case you need further assistance from our side.


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