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Sending context data from manual input error

Hi, I am a user trying to make IOT devices with ESP boards and Ubidots
I wanted to make a communication function between board and my dashboard, and I successed at most of my purpose
However, I got a error when sending context data from Ubidots to devices (manual input)
The image below is my dashboard page and the error that I got.
I guess the reason of the error is “context key”, but I could not get any solution

I hope you to help me, Thank you

Hello, @Min12445

I hope this note finds you well,

It seems you’re trying to send context data to a synthetic variable but, that is not allowed at the moment and that’s why the operation fails. I suggest you use instead a raw variable for that purpose.



Hi @santiago
Unfortunately, I set the variable as a raw variable, but it’s not working…
Is there any other suggestion? Thank you

Hello @Min12445

The variable you have the manual input widget linked to is called “context_text” and it is a synthetic variable, not raw. You also have a raw variable called “context” but it is not linked to the widget. Please make sure to link the manual input widget to a raw variable as mentioned before.