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Sending data from one nodemcu to 2 ubidots dashboards

i have my nodemcu recieving data from two remote devices using Lo-Ra sx 1278 module. no i want to upload the data from the two devices to two different ubidots dashboards. to simplify, i have 1 nodemcu which i want to use to upload values to 2 different ubidots dashboards.
how should i do that?

You just need to send data to devices and variables that belong to the dashboards that you need to update using our library or just creating raw HTTP POST requests as you may also reference at our docs.

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can you please refer me to any example that could help me perform this task?

for example if i have to update to two different ubidots accounts from a single nodemcu. so i would have 2 TOKENS. how would i modify the following line for 2 instances as i would have 2 tokens for 2 different accounts:

Ubidots(const char* token, UbiServer server, IotProtocol iot_protocol)

You can find several examples in the library repository and at our docs, please check the links that I previously shared in my last post.

You just need to create two Ubidots instances, one per token:

Ubidots ubidots_1(UBIDOTS_TOKEN_1);
Ubidots ubidots_2(UBIDOTS_TOKEN_2);

// Create your custom routine from here

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