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Setting histogram range - Plotly

How can I adjust the range of values for a histogram graph?
For example, for a line chart where I have the x-axis the value of time, I use rangeselector: Options

var Options = {
buttons: [{
step: ‘minute’,
stepmode: ‘todate’,
count: 60,
label: ‘15 minutos’
}, {
step: ‘hour’,
stepmode: ‘backward’,
count: 4,
label: ‘1 hora’
}, {
step: ‘hour’,
stepmode: ‘todate’,
count: 24,
label: ‘1 día’
}, {
step: ‘week’,
stepmode: ‘backward’,
count: 2,
label: ‘15 días’
}, {
step: ‘all’,
label: ‘Todos’

Thanks A lot

Hi @pachos

I hope all is well,

I didn’t get the example of the line chart x-axis range. However answering your question, In the Histogram configurations you have the option to establish the range of the Y-axis, the x-axis is automatically adjust based on the values and number of bins.


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