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Sleep mode for esp32

Hi, I used the code of deep sleep in example code of the esp32 and I need to update on it. I need when the esp32 wake up for 5 seconds it printing some statement(My idea is keep printing the statement for five minutes), Is this code correct? or how can correct it, please?

#define uS_TO_S_FACTOR 1000000  /* Conversion factor for micro seconds to seconds */
#define TIME_TO_SLEEP  5        /* Time ESP32 will go to sleep (in seconds) */
RTC_DATA_ATTR int bootCount = 0;
void print_wakeup_reason(){
  esp_sleep_wakeup_cause_t wakeup_reason;
  wakeup_reason = esp_sleep_get_wakeup_cause();
    case ESP_SLEEP_WAKEUP_EXT0 : Serial.println("Wakeup caused by external signal using RTC_IO"); break;
    case ESP_SLEEP_WAKEUP_EXT1 : Serial.println("Wakeup caused by external signal using RTC_CNTL"); break;
    case ESP_SLEEP_WAKEUP_TIMER : Serial.println("Wakeup caused by timer"); break;
    case ESP_SLEEP_WAKEUP_TOUCHPAD : Serial.println("Wakeup caused by touchpad"); break;
    case ESP_SLEEP_WAKEUP_ULP : Serial.println("Wakeup caused by ULP program"); break;
    default : Serial.printf("Wakeup was not caused by deep sleep: %d\n",wakeup_reason); break;

void printing(){
  Serial.println("While esp32 is wake up, I'll printing Hi");
void Deep_Sleep(){
  //Increment boot number and print it every reboot
  Serial.println("Boot number: " + String(bootCount));

  //Print the wakeup reason for ESP32
  esp_sleep_enable_timer_wakeup(TIME_TO_SLEEP * uS_TO_S_FACTOR);
  Serial.println("Setup ESP32 to sleep for every " + String(TIME_TO_SLEEP) +
  " Seconds");

  Serial.println("Going to sleep now");
//  delay(1000);
  Serial.println("This will never be printed");
void setup(){
  delay(1000); //Take some time to open up the Serial Monitor
void loop(){
  //This is not going to be called