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SMS Alerts Not Sending

I see this error in the log:

Hello, @marlanw

Thanks for reaching out,

Can you please let us know the event’s name so we can verify it? I’ll be attentive to your comments.



103 S Brn MAIN GATE Notifier

Thanks @marlanw for the information, I have verified and it seems to be a problem with our SMS provider. Our DevOps team is already making contact with them to find out and make some updates and overcome this problem, as soon as we made any progress I will let you know. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

I confirm the system is up and running again. Thanks team - is this the correct place to report this type of outage?

A hotfix has deployed and indeed the system is back to normal but if you wish, these reports can be done by our live chat channel as indicated here or by writing to support@ubidots.com.