SMS delivery in the UK


Having tried to use your SMS service to the uk I cannot get it to work. Email notifications work perfectly.
My UK service provider is “Talktalk” using the vodafone network. Please advise if 004477180XXXXX is the correct format to use or if there is another problem.
Cyril Blanchard


Dear Cyril,

Thank you for your question. Would you please try either of these two formats before we contact our SMS provider?




I have now tried both of the suggestions on two different service providers

Talktalk. which is Vodafone
Three. Which is part of Hutchinson Telecom.

Neither of them received an “Event” the same event was sent successfully by email.

Hoping this is of some help.
Cyril Blanchard.


Thank you Cyril,

We have forwarded your confirmation to our SMS service provider in order to clarify why the SMS is not getting through. We will update you as soon as we get an answer.


Hi Cyril,

Our SMS provider says they should be able to reach those networks. Can you relay the details (to/from/date/time/message) of a few recent tests to each network that have failed?

We’re going to sending you a private message with a specific URL where you can send yourself an SMS directly. Just replace the parameter “number to dial” with the number you wish to try, and run it in any web browser.



I have tried the url provided, the results are shown below, unfortunately still no SMS received.

I have tried more times than the below log shows.

true0efc86c21c8e6c44843d5512d2e5d3accc4c309cc09c5634c06d21d24f9987ac27e2334dcce300c1f41fcd0ab2b4db65ab4335d313f1ab0a19dc0338 +4477180xxxxx 10.35 BST vodafone

true0efc86c21c8e6c44843d5512d2e5d3accc4c309cc09c5634c06d21d24f9987ac27e2334dcce300c1f41fcd0ad19fcda2c41b56981f82de54b649240c +4477180xxxxx 10.39 BST vodafone

true0efc86c21c8e6c44843d5512d2e5d3accc4c309cc09c5634c06d21d24f9987ac27e2334dcce300c1f41fcd0a8a0f6790dc2394a65c2ab6583e705f3c +4478531xxxxx 10.41 am BST “Three”

true0efc86c21c8e6c44843d5512d2e5d3accc4c309cc09c5634c06d21d24f9987ac27e2334dcce300c1f41fcd0a237b8b9cb5f1ade89c8c631aa1668893 +4478531xxxxx 10.43 am BST “Three” all on 11th July

Hope this helps

regards Cyril


Hello Cyril,

We were able to identify the issue with our SMS provider. The conclusion: we switched to a Canadian number which appears to have less issues with international SMS.

Here’s our provider’s response:

I will say it’s probably going to be the use of a U.S. number to send to the U.K. Our U.S. provider really only has routes to the U.S. Anywhere outside of U.S., the routes are sporadic and generally unavailable. If that’s the case, only solution would be to use a Canadian number, as the Canadian provider has access to destinations worldwide.

Let us know how it works.


Hi ,

Success !!! almost instantaneous sms from your test url, to both my numbers.

so Ubidots sms alerts now work to the UK.

kind regards

Cyril Blanchard.


Hi Cyril,

So glad it worked. Thanks for pointing out this error and your patience, it helps us improve in many ways!

Ubidots Team