[SOLVED] 500 Internal Server Error when logging on


Hi team,

I’ve set up a temperature monitor for my father that reports to a Ubidots account he created, but he’s now getting the 500 Internal Server Error when trying to log on from his PC (he’s still able to log on from his phone).

A search suggested that others have had similar problems and it’s able to be resolved, what’s the best way to sort it?

Thanks in advance,


Greetings, the log in endpoint is the same for responsive (mobile) version and PC, can you gently check the credentials of your account and to try again?

If you still experience issue, please contact us through the embedded chat to give you further assistance.



Thanks, will check with him tonight. Although I gather he’s being automatically logged in on mobile as he’d had his credentials loaded before the problem started, but having issues on desktop where he isn’t automatically logged on.



Nice one, thanks for getting this sorted team :slight_smile: