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[SOLVED] Add variable to device existed in ubidots

Hi ,
I have read the artical of Maria in ((https://help.ubidots.com/en/articles/513315-connect-an-arduino-uno-ethernet-shield-to-ubidots-over-http#arduino-ethernet)), the statment “client.add(VARIABLE_LABEL_1, value_1);” add variable to new device named arduino ethernet.
How can I modify the code to send variables to device already exist in my account? for examole , send to “plc”.

Hi there, from the library docs you should use the method setDeviceLabel()

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Thank you Jota, some times Ubidots is frozen dont make refresh, when I make manual refresh I note that the variables values are changed. Can I add command in Arduino to force refreshing my page after each time send values.

Greetings, unfortunately to refresh a web page is something related to the browser itself rather than to Ubidots or your arduino devices, so it is not possible to trigger a ‘refresh’ event. An external extension may help you to refresh your browser on a time basis.

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