[SOLVED] Add Widget control to send numeric data


When I try and add a data box widget to send data to my Spark Photon the only control that show is a switch. I assume there are other controls that will allow me to send numeric data.

thanks steve


Hi @murmsk adding this to the feature request category. It’s not possible to send numeric data from the dashboard yet, but we will support this soon.


whooo thats a real problem for the project I am working on. That ability is critical! are there work arounds? How soon is implementation expected?

thanks steve


The expected release is on April '16 hope this helps. A work around would be having an HTML interface sending data, we can send you an example in JS Fiddle if you’d like to


Any advancements on this?

I’m using the dashboard to monitor a garden system. I would love the ability to change target temperatures and other such values from the ubisoft dashboard.


any news on this feature


Hello, the feature is ready. You can click on “Add new widget” in you Dashboard and select control Slider:


Great - thanks for making the numeric input slider happen.
I love this feature, it works great and I am using it in my project now.

Anyhow, may I suggest a further amendment:
Priority 1) Please allow for nummeric input by typing numbers after having clicked the slider and convert then to a slider value.
Priority 2) Please allow for logarithmic scale to more easily cover a bigger range
Priority 3) Please allow for custom labels for ticks, maybe allow custom tic values as well