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[SOLVED] Adding cirlcles or lines to map

Is there a way to add custom lines or shapes to your maps? I’m keeping track of an object that keeps going round on the same circle, I would like to draw a line from the current position to the centre of the circle.

Any idea how I go about doing this? Is it possible?

Also, when I was trying out your product in the trial phase there were two options for the map - plain map and tracking map. I cannot find the tracking function for the map any more. Was this removed??

Dear @agrisense,

There is not a way to add custom lines or shapes to your maps. If you desire to keep tracking of an object in a specific zone, I recommend you review the geofence events.

The plain map and tracking map are now mixed in just one widget. For more information about the features that it offers please refer to this guide.

All the best,
Maria C.