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[SOLVED] AP Mode for ESP32 and Ubidots

Hello Community!
Ubidots is an excellent platform, I had been using Blynk via mobile for my studies, but now I want to try the Ubidots features. I have an ESP32 Sketch that works great for creating AP mode in ESP32 and automating platform access credentials such as ssid, pass and token.
I’m trying to adapt this Sketch Blynk to Ubidots, I managed to connect and the credentials work OK, I also managed to add Token in Sketch variables (send data via HTTP) but it doesn’t reach the Ubidots platform. Can someone help me?
Thank you for reading and attention.

Hello @Canalli

We’re glad to see you around the community, welcome!

We understand from what you say that you already could configure the SSID and password via AP and that you are trying to send data to Ubidots over HTTP, based on this, and to help you further, could you please show us:

  1. The format of the data you are sending to Ubidots (your payload)
  2. The response from the Ubidots server to check the error

As a suggestion, we invite you to use the ESP32 HTTP library whose guide is in this link.

All the best,

hello @angela

I am very pleased with the interaction and response Angela.
I really liked the UBIDOTS platform, and it is intuitive, easy to use, programmer-friendly and prettier than others I’ve been studying.
Two things I would like to comment:

  • The program I made controls and monitors a technical room in the company where I work, and it was already working ok on the UBIDOTS platform when I wrote this topic, but without the automatism of AP mode.
    Today, after carefully studying the ESP32 internet attributes, I managed to implement AP mode and accredit SSID, PASS and Token without any problems.
  • Now a question, if you know how to answer, if not, I would appreciate it if you let me know how to proceed.
    I mistakenly sent a cash amount to the UBIDOTS Industrial platform, and I don’t know how to make it generate any additional advantage here on the STEAM platform. The monthly fees for the Industrial platform are too high for my personal use, there could be an intermediate fee for development users, and I would be very honored to be able to collaborate with more appropriate monthly payments.

Thank you very much for your reading, response and attention.


Dino canalli
Specialist in Analog Electronics and IoT programming student.

Hi @Canalli

We are very happy that you have figured it out and that you are enjoying Ubidots, we hope that you will find more ways to use our platform with your IoT projects.

About what you mentioned about the fee, I shared your case with our sales team and they will contact you to help you.

Please let me know if I can help you with something else. Have a good day!