[SOLVED] App doesn't reflect the branding or color scheme defined


Hi. I went through the process of creating an app as described in this tutorial.
When I click “go to app” and sign in using a user assigned the default role viewer, the app starts with the right dashboards but with a different color scheme (light blue) which doesn’t match the defined one in settings (light green) nor even match that of the admin dashboard (dark blue).

Is there something am missing.


Hi, sorry, I have never tried user management on Ubidots yet.


Greetings, can you please share with me your ubidots username in order to check?

All the best


thanks for replying guys. Its thomharvey


Greetings @musoke, I reviewed your account and you have not enabled the white label addon, this addon is mandatory if you wish to customize your app.

To enable it, go to your profile billing settings and just add it to your account:

Keep in mind that the addon will add an additonal incoming of U$49 to your monthly bill.

Let me know if you have any additional doubt.

All the best


Oh. I see. Is it possible to customize my admin dashboard to get a preview of what the app would look like when I am ready to pay and deploy?


Greetings @musoke, as that decision is out of my scope, please contact to an account manager through the embedded chat in your account to analyze the possibility to make available for a couple of days for you the addon.

All the best


Normally, I re-edit HTML of Widget, then add color with define RGB