[SOLVED] Can i control two switch and display two sensor's datas?


My project use nodemcu 1.0 and i want to control 2 switch to turn on/off motors and display sensor’s datas.
Can i do this ?
thank guys for saw my question !


Greetings sir, yes, simply use the get() from our ESP8266 library to retrieve the two values of your switches to turn on/off your motor.



thanks you very much !
but i want to display my sensor’s data on Ubidots Dashboard ( would not get values from ubidots to my esp )
and beside this require, i need to control two motors by use switch on ubidots !

i can display the sensor’s datas and control motors ( i refer video tutorial and saw "build yours own digital piano " )

but when i combined the code to display and the code to control ( library UbidotsMicroESP8266.h and UbidotsESPMQTT.h ) i can’t complete my IDE arduino say " ‘class ubidots’ has no member named … ’


Greetings, I would strongly advise to do not use at the same time the HTTP and MQTT libraries, if you are following the Piano tutorial and you need also to send and retrieve data simply use the publish() and subscribe() methods from the library as you can see in the example provided by us.

If you need an example to control digital outputs using MQTT please see this video.