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[SOLVED] Can i display a variable as a text string?


i have node red sending various values to Ubidots. up until now they have all been number values which seems to work well but different variable is causing me a problem.

it’s a text string published to node red over mqtt. the string comes from a python script which parses train times and the like.

the variable is something like “18:21 On time”. I can’t work out how to get it to show in my Dashboard. Everything seems to turn it into a value of “18” and nothing else.

thanks for any pointers.

Hi Don,
I think the solution might be packing it to the “context” of the reading.
It seems to be pretty much the same question I asked earlier and was solved here: http://community.ubidots.com/t/do-we-need-a-html-canvas-display-widget/408/2
I hope this helped

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