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[SOLVED] Can I use properties to create syntentic variables?

I receive raw data from devices which needs to be calibrated.
Each device has a unique calibration constant.
I would like to store the calibration constant as a property of the device.
I then want to create a syntentic variable which references the raw data and property.
How can I do this?
Synthetic = property1 x raw + property 2

Greetings @ShockWave, right now it is not possible to use device properties as input values to a SV, this is because device properties may be not only numbers but strings. What you would do is to create a raw variable in your device type that stores your calibration constant and to create a SV related with that variable.

All the best

Ok thank you.
How do I edit the value of the raw variable?
I have been looking in the docs and it can be linked to a slider or switch. I would want to edit it with a few significant figures so a slider would be no good.

Hi there, probably the example two of this article may work for your use-case.

All the best

Hi, are there plans to support using device properties in synthetic variables in the future for number and true/false formats? It would be a really good feature.

Greetings, we do not have actually a feature as such at our roadmap. Please refer to this post for more information.

All the best