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[SOLVED] Can I use properties to create syntentic variables?

I receive raw data from devices which needs to be calibrated.
Each device has a unique calibration constant.
I would like to store the calibration constant as a property of the device.
I then want to create a syntentic variable which references the raw data and property.
How can I do this?
Synthetic = property1 x raw + property 2

Greetings @ShockWave, right now it is not possible to use device properties as input values to a SV, this is because device properties may be not only numbers but strings. What you would do is to create a raw variable in your device type that stores your calibration constant and to create a SV related with that variable.

All the best

Ok thank you.
How do I edit the value of the raw variable?
I have been looking in the docs and it can be linked to a slider or switch. I would want to edit it with a few significant figures so a slider would be no good.

Hi there, probably the example two of this article may work for your use-case.

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Hi, are there plans to support using device properties in synthetic variables in the future for number and true/false formats? It would be a really good feature.

Greetings, we do not have actually a feature as such at our roadmap. Please refer to this post for more information.

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I think this is an important request. When you define a device property, you can specify that it is a number. With this requirement met, you should be able to add a device property value to the calculation of a synthetic variable.

There are some very specific uses of this that are quite common and useful.

Thanks, Chip

Good day @chipmc,

Thank you for your feedback, I’m going to pass along your request to our product team so they can consider this in the future. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to reach out to you if there is any update.

Thanks again for your suggestion


I’ll jump on this topic. If a property is defined as unchanging metadata about a sensor - or perhaps the size of a tank for a sensor type that alway connects to tanks, but needs different tank sizes, then it seems like good “data hygiene” to define this type of data as a property. Conversely, variables, seem to be more in line with the time-series style of data - changing regularly. I can see how it is easy to define a variable - or something more aptly called a “constant” or “static” using the raw variable, but you want to use the right data definitions at the right time so that when Ubidots does optimizations in the system, everyone agrees as to how things are used. Just my 2 cents.

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