[SOLVED] Can't add new widgets to dashboard


Hi, I created a dashboard some time ago. Now I tried to add a new widget (dashboard is unlocked) but the “+” to add it doesn´t appear. Anybody knows why?


Greetings @gcenjor,

the limit of widgets per dashboard for educational users is 20, please make sure that you do not have more than it.




looks like I’m limited to 10 Widgets. I can’t create an 11st Widget because the “+ Button” is hidden when the 10st Widget was added to a dashboard.


Hi, the same for me. The limit looks like to be 10…


Hello @Jens @gcenjor ,

Looping in the answer of my colleague Jose, I want to correct him about the limit mentioned. Two months ago the limit of widgets per dashboards was decrease to 10, for that reason the “plus (+)” icon is hiding when the 10 widget is included.

For more information about the difference between the Ubidots Licenses reference to the following guide.

All the best,
Maria C.


In my case I need 2-3 weeks in a year more then 10 widgets in a dashbaord and 1-2 weeks in a year more then 10 variables in a device. That’s truely not enought to buy a premium account.
I wish you would provice a less restrictive solution. I can pay credits for additional devices. Why I can’t pay credits for additional dashboard widgets or variables? I think this would be a win-win for both sides …


Hello @Jens,

You can add more widgets if you desire, you just needs to add then to another dashboard. If you already don’t know how to create the more than one dashboard please reference to this article. Also, you can add more than 10 variables to a device, but it is going to counts as 2 or more devices.

I hope this would help you.

All the best,
Maria C.