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[SOLVED] Certificate out of date

Hi, everyone.
No transaction are being received in Ubidots form sigfox backend.
Sigfox’s reports the problem with Ubidot’s server https://parse.ubidots.com/pub/dm/oyster

The certificate expired on sept 5 2020



Greetings, I have just checked at my side and actually our domain’s certificate is valid until November/2020, so it seems to be an outdated certificate validation at the Sigfox side:

Can you please make available the SNI option in your Sigfox callback, please?

Now is working ok. The info I sent is due to info sigfox sent me during the weekend. It seems Ubidots updated their certificate!

Anyway, great news.
My trackers postition are up to date



Ok, just to confirm, from our side we did not do anything, so I suspect that the issue was at the Sigfox’s backend. Anyway, I am glad to know that It is working properly for you.

All the best