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[SOLVED] Changing variable value if it wasn't active

There were few topics describing similar issues but none were about setting a specific value to a variable if it wasn’t updated for longer than some time.

I send few values to Ubidots via ESP8266 and all works fine, but i want to know if the device is alive and kicking just by looking at the control indicator. That is why I also send a boolean variable from ESP and show it as an indicator on my dashboard. The thing is to set ‘0’ value after every 3 minutes the variable was not updated.

The problem is, that an event set up to do so is not working. I configured it to set 0 to my ‘boolean’ variable if it wasn’t updated by ESP, but after even a longer time nothing happens. I also tried to set some other variables if my ‘boolean’ is not updated, but no luck.

Anyone managed to configure working event with similiar conditions?


Hello @Wilpaw,

After setting up the event for the first time, could you see any changes in the variable? I was testing the event settings and I didn’t have any issues.

You could run a test with the same variable and thus verify those events are working correctly. Example, create an event where each 3 minutes, when the variable has been inactive, it send a value to the same variable (set variable), as you can see in my case is “1”. Also, create an event each 4 minutes, where you get an email alert when the variable isn’t active. Thus, you’ll notice if events are working correctly.


Dear Mariahernandez

Same problem, I made 1 event “has been inactive” for variable1, with action is update another variable “test-inactive” come to 1
Event is occur, “test-inactive” variable come to 1, but variable1 is active again, so “test-inactive” variable is still =1
How to reset “test-inactive” variable =0, when variable1 is active ?

Hi there, at Ubidots for education the inactivity events are experiencing some delays, my advise is to use a free stem account at Ubidots for Industrial in order to get a better performance with your alerts.

All the best