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[SOLVED] Clarification on Events Repeating

So, I have read the instructions on events as posted here:

I would like to drill down on step # 6 -

Step 6: Establish event logic, you can choose either:
if the value is greater than 90, for 60 minutes.
If the variable has not been updated for 10 minutes.
If the device position enters/exits a geofence for 1 minute.

I have two questions which I don’t think are addressed in the documentation:

  • The period of time is expressed in minutes - what is the range of acceptable values?

  • Let’s say that the event is set to greater than 5 for 10 minutes. If one data point is received with a value of 6 say at 18:00 hours. Will an alert be triggered automatically at 18:10? Since no other data has been received, will Ubidots assume the value still meets the trigger threshold? Or, is another data point greater than 5 required to trigger the event?



Hi @chipmc,

See my answers in the same order.

  1. There’s no virtual limit. You could in theory, input say 30,000 minutes but then how much sense that would make. I need to be honest here and say that I haven’t set an event such configuration to make sure it works.
    I just want to manifest the fact that you can enter a large number.

  2. Yes, because if no other value has been received in that 10 minutes period, then that means the 6 is the point of reference for the event and its evaluation time window.
    Makes sense?



  1. Great

  2. Yes, was hoping you would say that.