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[SOLVED] Connect 1000 LoRa module to single outdoor gateway

Hello to all,
I am working on the LoRaWAN network.
I got some issues at the time of connection.
When I connect 10 end devices, that time all modules connected to the gateway.
But When I increase the end device quantity that time some modules not connected to the gateway.
I want to connect the 1000 end device to a single outdoor gateway.
So can anyone give me a solution for this?

Hi @sumitsirmewar,

I hope all is good.

The behavior you’re encountering might be due to the fact that Ubidots API has a rate limit of 4 requests each second per token. To avoid reaching this limit, you may either create separate Webhooks in your LoRaWAN Network Server, each with its own token, or reach out to us to have your rate limits increased.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do!

All the best,

Hi @isalogi
I hope all is good,
I want to Lora scheduling procedure.
How I schedule each end device, to avoid traffic.
I’m using RN2483 lora module

Good day @sumitsirmewar ,

Thank you for your response.

To your question, unfortunately, there is not a straight way to make a scheduler for the devices to send data at different times. It would be necessary to configure all the 1000 devices to transmit at an exact time so that there is no throttling, besides, each device would have to know the time on its Firmware, meaning to have a Real-Time Clock. Having said that, we can explore the possibility to extend the limit of request per second for your case, to this, can you please share the Network Server you are using to connect you LoRaWAN Gateway and your Ubidots username?

All the best,

ok @isalogi,
Thank u so much