[SOLVED] Create button to open another dashboard page


I wish to create buttons on the dashboard to open another dashboard. For example from an overview page showing a list of variables form devices, a user can click on the button and go to the detail page for that device.

I tried to do this in a canvas html, but the HREF link just went to the dashboard in the actual canvas square only.

How do you, from the html canvas, change the link in the main browser, or is there another way to do this?



Greetings, the canvas scope is limited to its container, that is the reason of the non-ability to change the actual global link. I would advise to add to your button or anchor a blank target to open the link in a new tab:

<a href="http://google.com" class="button" target="_blank">Go to Google</a>

All the best


Thanks, this worked.
I also found that by using the target="_top" that it opened it in the current Tab.

<a href="http://INSERTYOURPATHHERE/app/dashboards/5c3d9d161d8472222d5fba73/" target="_top" style="text-decoration:none"><button id="overview">Overview</button></a>


Nice, thanks for sharing your solution!

All the best