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[SOLVED] Credits all gone overnight


I’ve been a user of Ubidots for about a year now and had recently started paying via the automatic method. Then the change to credits happened and I ended up with 10000 credits. This morning I see I am down to 0 credits. How could I have used up 10000 credits overnight? When I go to purchase more credits it says 1000 credits should be good for a month, I had 10 times that much. There is also no usage information available.

If someone could check into this it would be appreciated. Also a little more information on the change over from monthly billing to the credit system would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Joerg,

Sorry to hear you had trouble - we will credit the 10,000 back again. Just for the record, the credits are not being discounted yet (only Email/SMS alerts) so in theory you should be able to continue using our service without problems.

The credit discounting will begin to be effective on Feb. 1. Meanwhile we’re working on a FAQ to provide more information as you’re suggesting. Thanks.

–Ubidots Team

Thank you very much for the quick response.

Yes I noticed that the service was still active this morning. My automatic payments are on the 17th of each month so that may be the cause of the credits disappearing. There is a notice of $0 being charged to my card.

Just saw my credits jumping back up to 10000 as I was writing this, wow, that was fast service. Thank you very much.


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Will 5000 credits be automatically put on every account for free every month? Or will it slowly drop to 0? :slight_smile:


Hello Sampi,

the credits will be charged once when you open an Ubidots account, after that they will begin to slow based on the amount of widgets, sms, emails and datasources that you use or implement.


I have the same problem. As a new user, I got my 5000 credits then, after some days of tinkering with the system, all of a sudden I saw my credits drop from 5000 to 0.
It happened on Jan 9th.
Opened a couple o support tickets, the support team kindly gave me useful clarifications about how the billing system works, but still no direct answer to the question about how can I have “consumed” all my credits…

Hi @alcal,

Normally you will be able to see how your credits are consumed. In this case it was a bug in our system that accidentally erased 4,000 credits. We have solved this issue now.
We just credited 4,000 Credits to your account.
Sorry for the inconvenient and let us know if you have any further questions.

All the best,
Kath :relaxed: