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[SOLVED] Credits disappeared

This morning I went to the website and all of a sudden all my credits where gone. Around Januari I got the 10.000 credits, I use about 1700 a month, so my credits should still be fine. All of a sudden it displays -24 now.

Hello, please provide us your username at Ubidots to help you.


@jotathebest Same as here: paultjuh

Hello @paultjuh, I was looking to your case with our sales department and here is what we found for your account:

All users of Ubidots were charged with 5000 initial credits on february, user with id ‘paultjuh’ was charged with this amount of credits too. According to your credits usage (devices, variables and dashboards) you should spend these credits in over three months, that is the reason of that your credits have gone below to zero, please take a look to this article to know how the credits work at Ubidots and the way to get free usage forever if you need it http://help.ubidots.com/faqs-and-troubleshooting/how-ubidots-credits-work.

We don’t register any payment from your user, so your account should never have had 10000 credits initially, if you have any payment registered please provide us your payment bill to info@ubidots.com to check.

Meanwhile we have charged your account with 1000 more free credits in order for you can test the platform these last days of April and for some time in May, if you feel fine with our service you can opt for a business trial that fits your needings here: https://ubidots.com/business or simply recharge more credits to your account.

All the best

ok, thanks for clearing this up, and giving the extra credits. This will give me enough time to decide what to do.

To give ubidots some feedback: I find the pricing pretty high for low usage. I run a small hobby project, but it would already cost me 10 per month, while there are problems like the dashboard being really slow.

Thanks for your feedback @paultjuh, I’ll let our sales department to know about your impressions.


On top of that I can’t really work out how the pricing works, as the monthly usage doesn’t map up with the explanation on the pricing page. They main reason for the high pricing seems to be that I use devices with a small amount of variables (1-2 most of them).

Dear user, what I see from your account report is that your first device was not charged from your credits (as our help center says) and other devices in your account were charged (keep in mind that it doesn’t make a difference if those devices have only one variable, every additional device is charged), additional to your devices you have a charge amount for having more than one dashboard.