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[SOLVED] Dashboard is blank

Hello, I have a bug with my dashboard. When I load it or reload it, my widgets will appear for a second and will be gone suddenly. Did I do anything or is it a bug in UBIDOTS system? thank you!

my username is mafify96

Good day @mafify,

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. I’m going to report it to the Dev team so they can determine what the error is and solve it. Please receive our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you.

All the best,

Any updates guys, I was planning to show a demo to the company today. Let me know, thank you!

Hello @mafify

Thank you for your patience while our team debugged this issue.
I come to tell that it was solved and that your dashboard is now loading correctly.
For your reference, the issue arose because the Gauge widgets “MAX Temperature” and “MIN Temperature” were misconfigured: they were set to a max value of 50 while the color range considered numbers up to 100. As a rule of thumb “Max value >= max range”

All the best,