[SOLVED] Data is not updating



I am trying to send following information using Mqtt to Ubidots educational server but after getting few samples it stops updating dashboard. Following is the JSON format which I am sending over Mqtt:

{“test3.VR”: {“value”: 39.0, “timestamp”: 1512647994000, “quality”: 1, “unit”: “Volts”}}

Please let me know how to troubleshoot/analyze this issue.

Best Regards,
Amit Golhani


Dear user, as educational users share server’s resources real time can experience delays due to the actual server’s load, sometimes if the the amount of users making the same action is too high the result has a delay to show in your frontend account.

As our free educational users DB has increased a lot in the last weeks, uur development team will work to down this time delay during next weeks, but if you need a higher performance and server speed you can always asks for a business trial here.