[SOLVED] Delete HTTP Request


Hello, I want to make a command to delete all the values of the variable through a HTTP DELETE request

I though of putting an old date like 1/1/2010 inthe {START}
and a future data like 1/1/2020 in the {END}

the #request is


and the Response I got is

"count ": 0

what is the issue and if it’s because the TIMESTAMP is the reason, is there a way to make an HTTP request to delete all the values


Please make sure that your start and end timestamp are setting up properly (they must be in milliseconds), I have made a small test and at my side it works properly:


All the best


I tried with your values and it didn’t work

this how I make a request on Hurl.it

and that what I got back


the request I sent is http://things.ubidots.com/api/v1.6/variables/5ab85f6e642ab66e990d848f/values/1520969390000/1520969399000/?token=BBFF-i38tlKFwQxEVNb4z1KccTcZfsa79xG


Greetings, if you get a count=0 it means that there are no dots in your date range, make sure that your start and end timestamps are correct.

All the best