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[SOLVED] Device Management, User Controls?


I am trying to d ao prototype and would like to add multiple devices to ubidots cloud but would love to know :smile:

  • Whether firmware can be updated remotely ?
  • Can devices be woke up or put to sleep remotely ?
  • Any access control to delegate some of these options to Admin/User ?


Hi Vamsi,

Happy to hear you’ve been using Ubidots. We don’t have this feature embedded in our platform since every device has a different way of doing OTA updates and remote management. We do work with our customers to add the custom functionality so they can do this from their Ubidots-for-business interface. See these examples of a device management interface and where the OTA button could go:

Our business licence also includes a user management interface to assign permissions. Let us know if you’d like to be contacted by our sales team for a call.