[SOLVED] Does last value request /LV work with MQTT API?



I’m playing with the MQTT API as I’m new to this kind of API.

I can’t manage to get the last value for a variable using the trailing /lv when subscribing to the topic: nothing comes back. Later messages do come in perfectly though.

The only way I found to get the last value is to use retrained messages when publishing: this way, I automatically get the last retained message (and value) when I subscribe.

Am I missing something?
For the record, I’ve been using MQTTlens (a Chrome extension) and MQTTbox (available on Windows app store), with the same output.



Dear @nialed,

Under the Educational License the LV service works once you publish a new message, the same way as you describe above. At this moment this license doesn’t support retained, but don’t worry in a few months is going to be available for all the users :smiley:

For any additional doubt, please see the MQTT documentation.

All the best,
Maria C.


great, thanks Maria!