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[SOLVED] Does there exist ressources for ESP32?

Hello Everybody,

I’m using ESP32-devices because they are way more uptodate than ESP8266

  • more ADC-channels than ESP8266
  • bluetooth integrated (ESP8266 don’t have that)
  • RTC integrated (ESP8266 don’t have that)
  • touch IO-pins integrated (ESP8266 don’t have that)

When I was looking through the list of supported devices I only saw this

If I open espressif I see this list

So what does this mean? Does ubidots only support ESP32 over MQTT?

Then I looked up the library-manager in the Arduino-IDE
All that the library manager offers is this

But there are no versions for ESP32

So final question:
do you have an


tutorial on how to setup ubidots for ESP32-devices?

best regards Stefan

Hello @StefanL38,

I hope all is well.

Yes, you can refer to the below article which show how to connect the ESP32 to Ubidots in detail using our libraries.