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[SOLVED] Dynamic Dashboard Sharing

I have 2 devices set up to fill their data into a dynamic dashboard’s widgets. When selecting the share or export PNG option in the widget dropdown, the default device that was used to configure the dynamic dashboard is being exported or shared even when the other device is selected in the dynamic dashboard.

Hello @tommy_boy,

The share widget option under Dynamic Dashboards allows you to share only the device that is selected by default. However, the export data option returns the data related to the selected device and not the default device.

If the presented behavior is different than the one mentioned above, please share screenshots showing the described behavior.

Maria H.

Hi @mariahernandez and thanks for the fast response!
Within the dashboard, I’m not seeing any export data option. I do, however, see the export data option within the device view - is this the one you’re referring to?

You can download the variable’s data from both sides.

  • From the Dashboard: Select the widget options menu, and select the “Download” option.


  • From the device view: Select the variable, and click the “Export” option.

I hope this serves as a reference for you :smiley:

Maria H.

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Thank you!

You’re always welcome.