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[SOLVED] Dynamic Map Widget - Selected Device Different Color or Labelled

It would be very helpful to be able to know which icon on a dynamic map is the dashboard’s selected device. It could change color or a label appears when it is the selected device.

I would build a map widget in html canvas to do this, however there is currently no way to set the selected device from the html canvas code.

Hi @dm3,
thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

I will suggest to the product team to create an option to highlight the Dashboard’s selected device from the map widget.

Now, although there’s no current option to set the Dashboard’s selection from the HTML Canvas widget, it’s a way to know from the widget what’s the current Dashboard’s selection, hence being able to highlight or perform an action on the selected device. To know how to do so, please refer to the below article.


Hi Sergio,

Thanks for your response. I have been playing around with custom html canvas map widgets and using them for customers where the standard map widget isn’t quite suitable. Your tutorials were very helpful getting started with that.