[SOLVED] Electron and RPi ubidots.sendAll() issue


Hello Ubidots community!

I’ve had an electron and 2 RPi’s running for quite a while now with particle firmware connected to Ubidots.

Now all of the sudden, the data they send via sendAll stopped being stored in ubidots.

If i use a particle webhook to ubidots, it works just fine.

I litterally changed nothing in the code, it just stopped working.

Is this an issue that i have alone or is it a ubidots problem that i can’t fix myself?

I’ve minimized the code i’m running to this:

#include <Ubidots.h>

#define TOKEN "secret_token"  // Put here your Ubidots TOKEN

Ubidots ubidots(TOKEN);

void setup() {

void loop() {
  ubidots.add("value", 1);

I know there are plenty threads like this, but this is a problem that came from nothing, so non of the other threads are very helpful.

If it works again after the weekend i will close the thread, but i need to use the ubidots for a presentation next week, so this is very much a pressing matter.

Thanks in advance,


Somehow it works again, i have no idea how or why, but i’m a happy man!

again… i changed nothing for it to work again.

and yes the connection to the internet was up, as i could publish to particle cloud, problem free.

How do i close the thread?


Hi there @nme,

unfortunately we experienced a downtime in our TCP/UDP services, as the Particle library uses these services you may experience issues sending data.

Our apologies for any inconvenience, right now our services are working properly

All the best


Is it down again @jotathebest ? cause i can’t send via sendAll() again… :confused:

it sends ONE value: -240

and that’s it, no more data until i reset the particle again, where i will recieve -240…

I pulled a rookie mistake and blamed it on you in Ubidots :sweat_smile:, sorry.

It was a external hardware problem.