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[SOLVED] Error in payload


what is the problem in the payload??

You have two commas after the ‘distance’ value and one missing comma before the ‘speed’ key. Also, your payload does not fit the expected JSON key-value by Ubidots, so please gently reference our REST API to know how to build properly your payload.

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Now I think there is no error, but I still not seeing any data on the dashboard.

My problem I have 3 variables and (lat & lng) i want to pass those (lat&lng) to one variable of those 3 variables as context then pass all this to ubidotes . I want to know the shape of the payload

If you wish to pass your location, you should build your payload as below with the coordinates inside a variable labeled as position:

"distance": 20.00,
"position": {"value": 0, "context": {"lat": -6.20, "lng": 75.40}},
"humidity": 101.00,
"temperature": 204.00

For more information, please refer to our REST API.

All the best