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[SOLVED] Error posting the value to dashboard

I’m using this SIM808 module and Fido sim card. I followed the steps given here but I’m not able to post the data on the dashboard. The error getting on the monitor is as paster below.

Response of GPRS:

Response of GPRS:

Error with AT
Response of GPRS:

Error with AT+CIPSHUT
Response of GPRS:
Error sending variables

As per this page, I set the follow parameters as,

apn = “internet.fido.ca”
user = “fido”
pass = “fido”

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone please here me out here? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hello mrahul,

The Ubidots library for the Arduino GPRS module is in the process of being updated. Be attentive to the repository and the tutorial so you can find out when the new version is ready.

Best regards,

Hello Daniela,

Do you have any news on the GPRS library?
I work with the updated version from Github but I have an AT + CIPSHUT error.
As far as the hardware is concerned, everything is wired up in the correct matter, as i can succesfully post to Ubidost… but not using the Ubidots Library.

Many thanks,

Hi there @andreeacl, I hope to deploy next week a new updated GPRS library to solve different issues reported by both chat and community forums. I will update you in this post once you can use it.

All the best

Hello @jotathebest. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate the effort that you put in updating the GPRS library. Looking forward to the new version to resume my work in the Ubidots platform.

Best regards

Hello @mrahul @andreeacl, the GPRS library is already updated. Refer to the main repository to check out all the documentation.

Maria H.